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  • Kayleigh Reed


Last weekend I popped to London to catch the Paul Cézanne exhibition at the Tate.

I was surprised to see so many people as it was one of the last weekends it was on, we were jostling for a position to see the pieces.

In light of the busyness I drove towards the pieces I had seen before in past lectures and for school projects. The fruit pieces in particular were great to see in person, the oils on the canvas were incredible textured.

The paintings were incredible and nothing can take away from the importance they have to art history and I'm sure one day or if I read the exhibition book I would understand them a little better, however I found Cézanne's old paint pallets the most exciting surprise. There is something incredible tangible and connecting about them.

Every mark, brushstroke and colour mix were evident within these delicate and timelessly objects. It pleased me immensely that they were on display alongside other watercolour pieces.

I guess no matter the exhibition or what parts you enjoyed as long as it makes you go home wonting to make art or read about it it has done its job.

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